Sunday, August 11, 2013

Busy Weekend

It's our last weekend home for a month, which means this weekend was a mad scramble to get as much done as possible. We did take Friday night out to relax by starting a bonfire and having cocktails and cigars in the gazebo. It may have been a pain in the ass to move the raised beds and gazebo, but now that everything is together it's so worth it.

Saturday we worked around the yard quite a bit. We made a quick run to the Farmer's Market first thing in the morning, then went to St Paul Bagelry for breakfast before getting started around the house homestead. I spent a good chunk of the morning harvesting dill seed, mint and sage. I feel very comfortable saying that I will never need to buy dill seed again. I have the mint and sage hanging in the gazebo to dry, and later on this week I'll be harvesting some basil and catnip to join them.

Today we worked on a ton of inside organization. We cleaned out the pantry and fridge and reorganized both of them. I'm starting to work on inventorying everything in the pantry too, so it's easier for us to plan meals when we're not at home to see what we have. Eventually I want to be able to expand the inventory to all my canned goods so I can track our food consumption for the purposes of planning gardens. I'm trying to decide if this makes us efficient or sickeningly anal retentive.

I'm changing my blogging a bit. I realized I don't use this blog much because it's such a pain to post pictures. I've gotten a tumblr to post pictures on and will use this for the actual blogging and see if it encourages me to remember to blog. The tumblr can be found here: