Monday, October 11, 2010


Sweet Jesus, where did the last 10 days go? I vaguely remember showing up at Meg and Joel's to help clean and unpack, and then time just seemed to warp (it's just a jump to the left...).

I had the worst cold I've had in 10 years last week. I took 2 sick days, and spent a total of 3 days doing nothing but laying in bed. I'm still not feeling 100%, and vaguely suspect that I may be down a lung, but I'm at least upright and able to sort of function.

The worst part about being sick is that I haven't gotten anything done around the house. I just haven't felt up to doing any rearranging. Dave was here visiting this weekend, and I made him help me transfer some of my yarn into the other bedroom, but otherwise everything looks about the same way that it did 10 days ago. I've got this weekend completely and blissfully free, so I'm hoping to finish reorganize my office and the hobby room, get the basement cleaned up and possibly rearrange my pantry. Oh, and make applesauce. And maybe spiced honey and praline sauce. Pfft. No problem. I'm not overplanning at all. Right? Right?

Poor Zoe seems to be mostly recovered from being attacked at daycare. Her ear looks good, and I'm going to get the stitches out later this week. I still haven't decided what to do about daycare. Overall I've been mostly happy with them, but this is the second time something has happened to her there, and this time it was really serious. I just don't know if I trust them with my baby anymore.

Ok, time to do some laundry and then head to Laura's. It's supposed to be cocktails and yarn, but since I'm swamped at work it's going to be more like cocktails and swearing at my laptop while Laura smokes, knits and laughs at me.

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