Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bad horror movies and new skills

I have a cold that just won't go away, so I decided to spend the day on the couch in my sweats getting some knitting done. The last year I've gotten stagnant in my knitting, so when the winter schedule for The Yarnery came out last fall I signed up for a few classes. The first class was toe up socks two at a time on magic loop, and I just finished that this past week. I finished through the heel of one sock, and I'll finish the other heel this afternoon. After that it's just a few inches of stockinette to finish the cuff.

Now that football is done I'm back to dredging the depths of Netflix for entertainment. I have no idea what the name of this movie is, but it's full of cliched dialog and has a panty sniffing psycho, so I don't see myself bothering to check the name. Whisper has informed me that this movie is bullshit. I've informed him that his opinion doesn't count, and whatever we watch next will probably be worse.

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