Thursday, May 12, 2011

It only gets weirder.

Only I could have blended family problems with cats.

When Aaron moved in, his two cats came with him. Xanadu is doing fantastic. She's settled in, she's eating and laying in windows, and aside from a few domestic disputes with Doyle, doing awesome.

Baloo is not. He refuses to eat. We were able to coax him to eat by cycling through different kinds of food, giving him attention, etc., but at the end of last week he started refusing to eat anything. Monday morning he went into the vet, and spent two days getting IV fluids and meds. He's jaundiced, and while fatty liver from not eating is the likely culprit, it's always possible he has some other type of liver infection/disease.

He's home now, with a stack of meds we have to give him everyday and we have to watching him like a hawk to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated again, and he keeps eating. Luckily my vet is willing to work with me on supportive care issues to keep expenses down. If he does start getting dehydrated they'll let me give him fluids at home and willing to teach me how to tube feed him if necessary to keep nutrition in him. But what I really wish, is that they'd given me the prescription for the kitty prozac.

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