Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I messed up my ankle again last week. I was leaving Laura's, stepped on a paver stone in the grass, lost my balance, my ankle gave, and down I went. My ankle hurt so bad Laura had to help me into my car, and Aaron had to come out to help me get into the house when I got home. It took until Friday night for my stubborn self to face the fact that I'd messed it up pretty badly again, and wrap it up and ice it. It's starting to feel better, but I'm back to square one on workouts again, and wondering how I got here. It will be at least 2-3 months before I can even think about running, at which point most of the summer will be finished.

The bottom line; I need to take better care of myself. This probably wouldn't have happened if I'd been doing lunges and squats regularily like I'm supposed to be, and if I spent more time running and less time doing 16 ounce curls. I've been ridiculously stressed out too, and I know I'll manage my stress better if I'm exercising. I'm going to have to get serious about finding a gym, since Lifetime is definitely not in my budget anymore. I'd rather eat fire than go to the LA Fitness on University, so I'm going to check out the one in Roseville, and check out Anytime.

I also really need to eat better. I can tell I'm drinking too much caffeine again by the heartburn, so I'm nixing my afternoon soda and limiting myself to coffee 4 days a week. Hopefully if I wean some of the acid out of my system and get some probiotics in me I'll stop needing to pop pepcid twice a day.

No need to comment on the fact that I'm not giving up alcohol though.

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