Monday, May 23, 2011


Aaron and I spent all weekend working on the basement. Aaron pulled the carpet off the stairs (along with the 6 million staples the previous owners had attached it with) and dismantled the drop ceiling. I worked on scraping the carpet glue off the floor and cleaning them, and vacuuming the ceiling after the drop ceiling was out. Then we put down a 120 sq ft of utility tiles and shifted everything in the basement onto the tiles.

The net effect is that the basement is cleaner, smells better, and Aaron and I are both so sore we can barely move. With my next paycheck I'm going to buy a bunch more tiles, and we're going to start framing up the walls. Once that's done, we can start rearranging furniture. When it's all finished we'll have an actual spare bedroom upstairs with a king size bed, and a bar area in the basement along with our office. it's going to be wonderful.

Until then, ow.

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